Added value of the platform

With SAP.brussels, the general and budgetary accounts can be linked, as prescribed by the OOBBC. The application also gives users access to the workflows for the commitments and settlements that are described in the aforementioned order, in a concerted way. After all, until now the different AGBs had to develop the tools to keep the general and budgetary accounts themselves, which entailed large financial and HR costs.

The implementation of a regional platform meant financial synergy could be established, such as sharing development work, re-using solutions already applied within the BRPS and offering support via the SAP Team of the BRPS. The latter team provides improvements to the platform, follow-up of the AGBs and support without relying on external service providers. The accession of a new AGB has also become easier thanks to a reusable model.

With the new tool, efforts can be shared: processes which are common for all institutions only have to implemented once. Upon implementation, uniformity is strived for.

In parallel, the specific standard processes (for instance the approval of invoices by the institutions' internal departments) are sufficiently flexible to be adjusted to the AGB's needs.