Integration of an institution

An AGB wishing to join the platform must complete a short application dossier in which the current tools are described, as well as the institution's needs and the staff available for the project. On the basis of this data, it is possible to determine the workload involved in the integration of that AGB in the SAP platform.

The inclusion committee confirms the acceptance of the dossier to the AGB.

The actual integration in the platform is realised with the help of an external partner, under the direction of IT Coordination and in collaboration with the SAP Team and Brussels Finances and Budget. Workshops are organized to analyse any needs and training is provided for the reference users. A test period is foreseen before the institution actually implements the platform.

As for the costs, a one-off contribution of 50,000€ is requested from the AGB, the annual maintenance costs are 5,000€. This figure includes several licenses, ensuring there are no additional costs for a small AGB.

The costs for the implementation of additional modules (e.g. HR) are met by the Region if these modules can be shared. This means the functions of the platform may be expanded over time.

If the requested module is intended for use by one institution, the costs must be covered by the requesting AGB. Nevertheless, the project is supervised by a project leader of the IT Coordination and the SAP Team, ensuring that the solution fits well within the platform as a whole.