Liquid funds

The management of “Liquid Fund” cases and the Accounting Officer for Liquid Funds are assigned to the Treasury Board.

“Liquid Fund” cases consist of payment transactions, which are returned to the general expenditure account of the Brussels Regional Public Service after payment, i.e. because the beneficiary's account number was incorrect, in the event of a change of address or if the recipient has passed away.

It is also their role to find the correct destination for those sums credited to this account,  in cases where the origin is unknown.

All these sums are to be transferred by the Coordinating Accounting Officer for Expenditure to the Liquid Funds account for further investigation.

As soon as the necessary information has been gathered regarding the beneficiary then the person entitled is to be paid and the Liquid Funds account to be debited.

The Accounting Officer for Liquid Funds is responsible for the inspection and management of these cases and signing the payment files with regard to the repayment of these sums.