Management control

Management control adds value to operations and everyday well-being.

Management control is the process by which those responsible in all administrative units ensure that the means are received and employed as intended: thus to achieve the regional entity's goals effectively (employed for the objectives established),  efficiently (with regard to the employment of means) and  economically.

This involves the BFB Management Control Unit creating a global report on all results achieved based on performance indicators. It then submits this report to the Government providing them with a global review of the situation.

Management control is therefore a tool allowing:

  1.  differences to be identified between established goals and the accomplishment of these objectives;
  2.  an analysis to be made of the causes of these differences;
  3.  any corrective measures to be undertaken.

All this information should simplify decision-making for management activities carried out by government services and institutions, and do this both during the budget year and when the budget is first created. In this way the necessary corrective measures can be taken, both with regard to the objectives and the resources.