One of the Treasury Board's most important tasks is to initiate payment of all payment requests (invoices, subsidies, allowances, claims, etc.).  Requests for payment are always based on credits from the expenditure budget and must adhere to a workflow, in which various people are required to give their authorisation (visa).

The Treasury Board has optimised its payment procedures so much over the years that payments are now made on a daily basis, taking into account the necessary approvals (visa) and expiry dates.

In order to optimise the management of payments, the Treasury Board has developed various schedules for their daily follow up.  These schedules are available to all autonomous governing bodies that wish to receive them, and allow information to be given as regards payments (subsidies, large invoices, …) to their own bank account or a transit account created in their own name.

The preparation, implementation, tracking and inspection of these payments is also carried out on a daily basis with considerable attention to detail using various reports, tables, programmes, using SAP and Belfiusweb (online program at the cashier Belfius).  Any amounts either returned or not transferred are resettled as quickly as possible, being either transferred to the Coordinating Accounting Officer for Income, for income matters, or to the Accounting Officer for Liquid Funds, if the sum needs to be repaid or in the event of any doubt.

The Coordinating Accounting Officer for Expenditure and the 2 deputy accounting officers, who sign all payment transactions, are also part of the Treasury Board, which means that the payment process is entirely managed within the board.  They are also responsible for signing payment transactions with regard to salaries.

As regards payments the Treasury Board works closely with the Controllers of commitments and settlements, with the Bookkeeping Board and Treasury correspondents in the various authorities.

Other payments

The Treasury Board is also in charge of making payment runs and creating payment files for the various accounting officers for income.  This type of request is made either by telephone or by email.

The Coordinating Accounting Officer for Expenditure also manages all transit accounts opened for the AGBs at the BRPS and all transit accounts opened with regard to delayed payments (e.g. social security, sickness and disability insurance, income tax, …).