Brussels Finances and Budget is responsible for all tasks in connection with the regional budget, accounts and finances, including organisation of the inspection:

  • to support the minister of Finances and Budget and the Brussels-Capital Government in the development and execution of selected policies in the area of finances and budget;
  • to manage and inspect the region's budget (creation, implementation and follow up);
  • to manage the bookkeeping and consolidate the regional entity's accounts;
  • to manage the regional treasury;
  • to manage the regional debt: manage both the direct debt and the guaranteed debt, centralise the treasuries of autonomous government bodies (AGBs);
  • to manage financial disputes and participate in the creation and modification of legislative and regulatory texts;
  • to conduct the budget inspection, as well as auditing accounts, finances, management, commitments and settlements and sound financial practice;
  • to offer partners, together with internal and external clients, expertise on the budget, accounts, finances and inspection.