Consolidation perimeter

The consolidation perimeter is in line with the number of consolidated entities.

This perimeter is established in the OOBBC. Indeed, art. 59 of the aforementioned order indicates that the regional entity shall present a general account on an annual basis. The definition of the regional entity is included in article 2, 2° of the OOBBC, namely the Government services and institutions falling within sector code S13.12 of the ESA, and referred to as AGBs.

The ESA is a "European Regulation on the European system of national and regional accounts". In summary this concerns the rules to be respected by government services to allow Eurostat to publish public statistics. These regulations are rather macro-economic in nature and apply to the creation of the general account, situated at micro-economic level (a suitable example of this is the definition of the consolidation perimeter itself, which is based on the non-market nature of an entity and not only on inspection criteria).

The ESA divides the economy into sectors (producers, households, authorities, rest of the world).

Sector 13 is in line with government authorities and contains various sub-sectors:

  • Sub-sector 13.11: central government
  • Sub-sector 13.12: federated entity government (eg. the BCG)
  • Sub-sector 13.13: lower government (eg. the communities)
  • Sub-sector 13.14: social security funds

It can also be seen that the convergence criteria with regard to government funding, the so-called Maastricht guidelines, are determined on the basis of ESA rules and apply to the government sector. This involves the calculation of deficiencies in the context of excessive deficiency procedure (< 3% GDP) and the calculation of the government deficiency (< 60% GDP).

The consolidation perimeter is therefore defined on the basis of sub-sector 13.12. The list of institutions belonging to sub-sector 13.12 is established by the INA. This list is updated at the end of April and the end of September.

Common practice at the BCG, is to use the perimeter, as determined in the list appearing in September, for the financial year beginning on 1 January after the list is published.