Brussels accounting working group

The foundation of a Brussels accounting working group was approved by the Brussels-Capital Government on 24 April 2014 to safeguard the application of accountancy standards.

This regional working group was set up in order to overcome the drawbacks in the absence of the Commission for public Bookkeeping.

The working group is led by the Regional Accountant and is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • communicating, promoting and applying the bookkeeping standards within the regional entity (OOBBC, Royal Decree "bookkeeping plan", circular no. 2, requests by Eurostat, etc.);
  • acting as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills in accountancy matters;
  • adapting the standards of the bookkeeping plan, formulating the necessary application methods and developing particular evaluation policies on a communal basis;
  • communicating and promoting the standards formulated by the working group to the Commission for public Bookkeeping;
  • taking care of the implementation of those decisions and recommendations issued by the Commission for public Bookkeeping, which are approved by the Inter-ministerial Conference of Finances and Budget.