Debt Agency

The regional Debt Agency is a financial department serving the regional entity. The agency was set up within Brussels Finances and Budget in 2014 and consists of a Front Office, a Middle Office and a Back Office. This reflects the strict division between the various activities, and is comparable with the banking sector.


The tasks performed by the Debt Agency are varied and include:


  • Optimising financial management of direct debt in a new context characterised by the end of the financial crisis and a sustainable return to balance
  • Introducing and then consolidating the new dynamic management of the safeguard system and reinforcing the Region's monitoring process
  • Supporting para-regional bodies in the search for funding, participating in promotional efforts on financial markets and introducing new funding tools with the same goal
  • Assuming the role of financial adviser serving the Brussels-Capital Government with regard to investment projects (Project Finance)
  • Assuming a transversal role covering all aspects of the Debt Agency serving the Government by giving advice on portfolio management and financial markets, creation of financial analysis and studies
  • Integrating regional institutions in the Financial Coordination centre
  • Introducing a policy to manage the Region's consolidated financial risks.
  • Portfolio management on behalf of third parties

Our annual report 2021 is available in DutchFrench or English.



organisational chart: