Important judicial information

Brussels Finances and Budget portal site is published under the responsibility of the Brussels Regional Public Service. The general public are able to access a collection of data on Brussels government finances using this portal site.

The details shown on this website are the result of considerable work in terms of content development, data inspection and format.

In certain parts of this website the data on Brussels government finances has been simplified to make it easier to understand. These sections are aimed at clarifying certain principles in comprehensible terms. These passages are therefore entirely informative.

It is always intended to keep all information updated. However, should there still be any errors then these will be corrected as soon as they are reported.

All information found on the portal site of Brussels Finances and Budget is, among other things, subject to the legislation regarding the respect of author's rights, data protection, protection of privacy and the legislation of 7 March 2007, which is a law enforcing the directive 2003/98/CE from the European Parliament and the Council dated 17 November 2003 with regard to the reuse of government information.

Mentions that are required by law

Identification of the publisher responsible:

Name and address of the publisher responsible

Julye Fiszman

Vooruitgangstraat 80/1

1035 Brussel

Identification of the technical directorate:

Brussels Finances and Budget

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Liability disclaimer


Those using the information mentioned on these pages waive any claim in the case of complaints, of whatever nature, in any matter with regard to the use of information made available on the system; this applies to every complaint submitted against the Belgian State or against any other body who has provided the information available.


In addition the user agrees to absorb all risks involved in using the system including the risk that computers, software programs or data can be damaged by any virus that may be transmitted or activated by using the system or caused by the fact that the user is using the system.

Dispute settlement

Any dispute with regard to the website and/or its content shall be ruled by Belgian law and falls under the exclusive authority of the Courts of Brussels.


It is possible, without prior permission, to make a direct link referring to the portal site Brussels Finances and Budget.

It is however forbidden to include part or all of the portal site of Brussels Finances and Budget in a framework (for example by encapsulation) or another method, with the intention  of hiding the original address and the legal obligations.

Reference to data origins and intellectual property

a.Reference to data origins

The law of 7 March 2007 refers to the reuse of information and public data for commercial and non-commercial purposes. The following rules must be applied with regard to the reuse of data.

1) for non-commercial purposes:

The user is obliged to mention : © Brussels Regional Public Service BRUSSELS FINANCES AND BUDGET, finances-budget.brussels, followed by a mention of the year in which the data is reused.

The link to fiscality.brussels should be connected with the website using the url finances-budget.brussels and must also be made clickable.

For example : © BRUSSEL FINANCES AND BUDGET, finances-budget.brussels

2) for commercial purposes:

The user is obliged to mention : © BRUSSEL FINANCES AND BUDGET (the date on which the data is used) + (short or long url of the internet page from which the data was taken)

The link to finances.brussels should be connected to the url finances-budget.brussels and must also be made clickable.

For example: © Brussels Regional Public Service BRUSSELS FINANCES AND BUDGET, 14-12-2013, finances-budget.brussels.

b. Reproduction and reuse of data.

It is free to reuse data.

The fact that is it is free of charge does not exclude the fact that there are certain restrictions with regard to the collection of data and the reuse of data taken from the portal site of Brussels Finances and Budget.

Author's rights and protection of the database

The law concerning both author's rights (Law of 30 June 1994) and the judicial protection of databases (Law of 31 August 1998), among others, applies to the entire database on the portal site of Brussels Taxation and its content.

In the case of data being used for commercial purposes then collection, copying, reproduction of data and the informatics code are subject to prior request.

The person or organisation using data from the portal site of Brussels Taxation may not modify this data. They shall also ensure that the integrity and nature of the administrative document or the html/xml code is respected.

A modification of the html code is subject to prior request.


All questions should be sent by mail to bfb.communicatie@BRPS.brussels   or by post to Coordination Unit, Vooruitgangstraat 80/1, 1035 Brussels.