Inspection of commitments and settlements

The inspection of commitments and settlements consists of checking whether the legal and regulatory requirements are applied correctly, in particular the budget principles and rules concerning governmental tasks and allocation of subsidies.

One of the most important tasks assigned to the Controller of commitments and settlements, appointed by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, is specifically to make sure that agreed budget credits are not exceeded. He ensures that the expenditure presented to him is booked according to the correct basic allocation (budget article) and that the procedures for allocating subsidies or the application of government resources are properly adhered to. By issuing his visa he confirms his agreement with these two essential points.

The visa issued by the Commitment Controller is required in various areas:

  • for the approval of contracts and tenders and decisions regarding subsidy: these may only be confirmed to third parties once the Commitment Controller has issued a visa.

          The accounting commitment precedes the judicial commitment.

  • for expenditure credits also covering authorisation operations: the controller issues his visa on payment or settlement authorisations.


Organizational chart of the  Inspection of commitments and settlements