The Coordinating Accounting Officer for Expenditure

Within the limits of the liquid assets available and in line with the authorised officers instructions, the Coordinating Accounting Officer for Expenditure is responsible for instructing the cashier

to charge the central expenditure account with:
  • payment orders, either directly in favour of the creditors and other payees, or in favour of other accounting officers from Government services;
  • internal transfers of funds required to manage the state of the global treasury at the cashier;
  • external transfers resulting from budget transactions for which amounts are placed temporarily in accounts opened by the cashier.
to charge the accounts opened for transactions connected with budget funds with:
  • payment orders, directly in favour of  creditors and other payees.

He is also charged with forward transactions and manages those accounts that are necessary for registering transactions connected to the revenue on loans or investments of surplus as well as accounts opened to book interest.